List of White-tail Deer and Exotics for Sale


Whitetail Deer Breeding

Rancho Milagro has been breeding whitetail deer for 15 years with 300+ deer in the pens. A fully function handling facility and 20+ deer pens, allows for vaccinations and sorting while keeping the deer as stress free as possible.

Our goal is to keep the very sought after south Texas rack, while mixing in some northern genetics to generate truly massive bucks. With careful consideration and planning lineages, it is not uncommon for 2 year old bucks to score well over 200".

We maintain the DNA certificates to ensure the quality of our deer, with a considerable amount of them having a lineage traced to Gladiator, Gladiator XL, Gladiator II, and Secret Weapon just to name a few famous bucks.

By taking exceptional care of our deer with proper vaccinations and high quality feed, we are able to ensure they live and continue to breed much longer than other deer. Some of our bucks have been known to continue breeding passed 12 years old while still maintaining a phenomenal rack!

Due to the northern genetics, we now have several piebald deer that a nice variation with their white coats.

We sell both bred does and bucks of various ages. If interested in purchasing any deer to build up your own genetics, please call to discuss.